A Corvette Club in the Hemet/San Jacinto area

Diamond Valley Vettes


ARTICLE I                  NAME
 The name of the organization shall be Diamond Valley Vettes, hereinafter referred to as the “Club.”

To create a social organization to promote and encourage the preservation, ownership, and operation of Corvettes.  The Club will encourage planned trips, events, and other activities.  Diamond Valley Vettes is a non-profit organization.

            ARTICLE III                PRINCIPLE OFFICE

The principal office of the Club is hereby fixed and located at Hemet, California.  The Board of Directors, with a majority approval of the general membership, is hereby granted full power and authority to change said principal office from one location to another in the County of Riverside.  Any such change shall be noted by the Secretary opposite this section, but shall not be considered an amendment to these by-laws.

          ARTICLE IV               FISCAL YEAR

The fiscal year for Diamond Valley Vettes shall be from January 1st through December 31st.

            ARTICLE V                MEMBERS


There shall be two (2) classes of members of the Club as set forth in these by-laws:

A.             ACTIVE – Any duly elected person meeting all requirements for eligibility and having paid all fees and dues.

B.             INACTIVE – A member in good standing who for valid reasons, must withdraw from active participation (i.e., military service, school, health) but may return to active status (without vote).  No dues will be required during a period of Inactive status.


A.             New Membership

1.    Be at least 18 years of age.

2.    Presently own a Corvette, or have proof of purchase of a Corvette not yet delivered.

3.    Be the spouse or significant other of the owner of a Corvette, sharing a common domicile.

4.    Show proof of valid automobile insurance.

5.    Hold a valid driver license.

6.    Hold current membership in The National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC).

B.               Renewal Membership

All requirements for membership shall be met upon renewal.  Renewal membership for Diamond Valley Vettes and NCCC membership is payable the first General Meeting in November.  There will be a penalty for dues received after the November General Meeting, such penalty amount to be determined by the Board of Directors.


Members shall be persons of responsibility, integrity and high standing in the community in which they reside.

A.          Requirements for membership shall be that the prospective member must attend a minimum of three (3) club sponsored events within a ninety (90) day period; two of these events must be General Meetings.

 B.         Each prospective member shall serve a 30-day probationary period during which he/she will be allowed to participate in all Club activities and shall have all of the rights of a member with the exception of the right to vote.

C.         Upon fulfilling the requirements of Sections 2 and 3, completed applications must be submitted with payment of dues.

New members will be voted upon after all necessary documentation noted in Sections 2 and 3 have been submitted to the Vice President.  (Fees due at this time: Club dues, including initiation fee and NCCC dues, including initiation fee).


A.             A membership shall terminate upon the death or resignation of the member or upon his expulsion by a majority vote of the members.

B.             A member may be expelled for non-payment of dues (without explanation), after 60 days from the November General Meeting due date, or for conduct which the membership shall deem detrimental to the best interest of the Club by a majority vote of the members.

C.            A member may not transfer his membership and any attempted transfer of membership shall cause such membership to terminate automatically.

D.            All rights of a member of the Club or its property shall cease upon termination of his or her membership.

E.             Active membership shall automatically terminate 180 days after a member ceases to be the owner of a Corvette.  Upon specific request by the member, one extension of 180 days will be granted.


A.             The initial membership fee is payable upon submission of a membership application and will be refunded if the application is not approved.

B.             Annual dues shall be due and payable by November 1.  New member’s dues will be prorated.  For renewing memberships, Club dues and NCCC fees shall be submitted to the Vice President.

C.            Reimbursement of dues shall be based on a prorated basis in the event of termination of membership, except that no refund will be made for memberships terminated during the last three months of the calendar year.

D.            An ex-member may be reinstated after a sixty (60) day probationary period upon a majority vote of the membership, payment of all outstanding debts to the Club and payment of a reinstatement fee.


A.          General Meetings of members shall be held at least once per month at a regularly fixed time and hour to be determined by the Board of Directors and approved by a majority of the membership.  Adequate notice of these regular meetings shall be given to the members.

B.         Special meetings of the members may be called and held as ordered by the Directors or by any member holding not less than one-third of the voting power of the membership.  For such special meetings, notice shall be given to each member no less than five (5) days prior to the meeting by email, as it appears on the membership record of the Club.

C.         The Annual Meeting of the members shall be held at the General Meeting in December of each year for the election of new officers, reports of past officers and committees and other such business as lawfully may come before the meeting.


All active members shall have equal voting and other rights, including eligibility for office.  Each active member shall be entitled to one vote, which may be cast in person or by proxy.


The presence in person or by proxy of one-third of the members of the Club shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at the General Membership Meeting.


A.          The authorized number of Directors of the Club shall be five (5) until changed by Amendment to these by-laws duly adopted by the membership.

B.         The five Directors shall consist of the immediate past President, President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


A.          Directors shall be elected at each annual meeting of members, but if such annual meeting is not held or Directors are not elected there, the Directors may be elected at any special meeting of members held for that purpose.  All Directors shall hold office until their respective successors are elected.

B.         Nominations are to be made by the membership at the October and November General Meetings.  The Vice President will prepare the official ballot after the November General Meeting.  Nominations may be made from the floor for a write-in candidate at the December General Meeting.  The votes will be tallied at the December General Meeting by at least two members not standing for election.


Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be called and held as deemed necessary by the Directors.  All board members must be notified in advance of the meeting.


Any vacancies in the Board of Directors caused by death, resignation or disability of a Director shall be filled by a volunteer and appointed by the President.


A majority of the authorized number of the Directors shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.  Every act or decision done or made by a majority of the Directors present at a meeting duly held at which a quorum is present, shall be regarded as the act of the Board of Directors unless a greater number is required by law or by the Articles of Incorporation.


The Secretary will record minutes from each Board of Directors meeting and the minutes shall be made available to the members upon request.


Directors shall receive no compensation for their services but may receive such reimbursement for expenses as may be approved at the next General Meeting.



The officers of this Club shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


A.          The term of each office shall be one calendar year.  Nominations begin in October.  Elections are to be held annually at the December General Meeting.

B.          To qualify as a candidate for an office, nominees must be active members in good standing for the previous six months.


Any officer may resign or may be removed for cause by the Board of Directors at any time.  Vacancies caused by death, resignation or removal of any officer may be filled by appointment by the Board of Directors or by the President until such appointment by the Board of Directors.


A.          The president shall be the Executive Officer of the Club and be subject to the control of the Board of Directors.  He/She shall have general supervision, direction, and control of the affairs of the Club.

B.         He/She will preside at all meetings of members, meetings of the Board of Directors and all official activities of the Club.

C.         He/She will appoint committee chairpersons.

D.         The President, in conjunction with the Treasurer, will have the authority to make payments from Club funds.

E.         He/She will serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.


A.          The Vice President shall, in the absence or disability of the President, perform all the duties of the President and, when so acting, shall have the power of and be subject to the same restrictions as those imposed upon the President.

B.         He/She is responsible for new memberships, will assign new members to committees and will coordinate all activities of the Club by supervising the work of all committees with the Committee Chairpersons.

C.         He/She shall serve as the Club representative whenever interaction between Diamond Valley Vettes and the media, the general public, or associated businesses are involved, including liaison with the sponsor.  He/She is relied upon to actively promote the activities of the Club.

D.         He/She will aid the President whenever necessary and coordinate all activities with the President.


A.          The Secretary shall keep at the principal office of the Club, a book of minutes of all General Meetings, with the time and place of holding and the proceedings thereof and distribute copies of such minutes at the subsequent monthly meeting.  If the Secretary is unable to attend a General Meeting, the President shall appoint a secretary pro-tempore.  The Secretary shall keep, at the principal office of the Club, a roster showing the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of all members.  The Club roster shall be made available to all members.  The use of this roster shall be restricted to Club purposes only and not be distributed to outside persons or businesses without prior Board approval.  Members shall have the opportunity to have their name removed from the roster before any outside distribution is made.  The list shall not be used by individual members to solicit or market personal or private business or commercial ventures.

He/She shall be responsible for all official correspondence, with prior review of the President.


A.          The Treasurer shall keep and maintain adequate and correct books of accounts showing the receipt and disbursement of Club funds, and an account of the Club's assets if any.  Such ledgers shall at reasonable times be open to inspection by any member.  The Treasurer shall deposit all monies of the Club with such depositories as are designated by the Board of Directors with the approval and signature of the President and shall render a statement of the financial condition of the Club at each monthly meeting.

B.         The Treasurer will chair a budget committee of no fewer than three (3) additional members.  The budget committee will prepare an annual budget.  The budget will be approved by the Board of Directors and presented to the Membership no later than the February General Meeting.


The chairpersons will be appointed by the President.  The Chairperson shall serve a term corresponding to that of the Officers, or until their successors have been chosen, unless the by-laws or other rules otherwise expressly provide differently.

A.          Activities:  Responsible for planning and coordinating activities for the Club.

B.         Ambassador:  Responsible for greeting members at each General Meeting and at club events, with particular emphasis on greeting new members.

C.         Awards:  Responsible for planning the annual awards banquet.

D.         By-Laws:  Responsible for reviewing and proposing revisions to the Club’s by-laws.

E.         Editor:  The Editor shall be responsible for preparation and distribution by email or newsletters to appropriate members and those others that may be on a distribution list.  The Editor is given authority to correct, revise or edit articles submitted for the newsletter.

F.          Historian:  Responsible for taking photographs of club events and maintaining the Club scrapbook and digital photo album.

G.         NCCC Governor:  The NCCC Governor shall serve as the Club representative to meetings of the NCCC.  The NCCC Governor shall inform the members of all pertinent issues being decided upon and any changes that are taking place within NCCC.  The NCCC Governor shall keep members advised of events being held within the region.  The NCCC Governor shall maintain a list of all current member NCCC numbers, secure proper paperwork for submission to NCCC upon receiving Club applications and ensure all members maintain their NCCC status while a member of the Club.

H.         Nominating:  Each September, the President shall designate a nominating chairperson.  The chairperson will select two (2) additional members to assist in soliciting interest for being a candidate for Club Office.

I.         Procurement:  The procurement chairperson shall serve as the liaison between product businesses for the purpose of supplying the Club with such items as name badges, T-shirts, hats, jackets, etc.  He/She shall interact directly with members to secure orders for said products, collect payment, deliver products, and provide a detailed account to the Club Treasurer.

J.          Raffle:  Responsible for promoting raffle sales at General Meetings and for maintaining the monthly raffle tickets.

K.         Sergeant-At-Arms:  Responsible for setting up the room for General Meetings and maintaining order at meetings and other Club activities.

L.          Sunshine:  Responsible for acknowledging birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions of all Club members.

M.         Webmaster:  The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the Club's Website in a current, informational and entertaining manner.  The Webmaster is responsible for coordinating with the host site to ensure all fees are up-to-date, Website size and material meet all prescribed specifications and all posted material is in good taste and reflects favorably the values of the Club.

            ARTICLE IX               AMENDMENTS

A.          By-laws may be amended or repealed by the vote of members entitled to exercise a majority of the voting power of the Club or by the written assent of such members, except as otherwise provided by law or by the Articles of Incorporation.

B.         Any motions made to amend the by-laws at a monthly General Meeting shall not be voted on at that meeting.  The proposed changes shall be included in the newsletter and be placed on the agenda of the next meeting for discussion.  At the end of the discussion, a motion will be entertained to vote on the proposed by-law change.

C.         All motions to change by-laws must be presented in writing; one copy to the President, one copy to the Secretary and one copy to the by-laws Chairperson.

D.         By-laws may be amended or repealed by the vote of members entitled to exercise a majority of the voting power of the Club or by the written assent of such members, except as otherwise provided by law or by the Articles of Incorporation.

E.         Any motions made to amend the by-laws at a monthly General Meeting shall not be voted on at that meeting.  The proposed changes shall be included in the newsletter and be placed on the agenda of the next meeting for discussion.  At the end of the discussion, a motion will be entertained to vote on the proposed by-law change.

            ARTICLE X                MISCELLANEOUS

A.        Charter Member:  Defined as an active member who pays their first-year dues on or before January 1, 2007.  All charter members will be recognized as such on the Club nametag.  Charter members whose membership is terminated shall not be designated as a Charter Member upon subsequent reinstatement.

B.        Events Proceeds:  Upon the event that the Club has a cash-generating event, the Club shall donate a minimum of 90% of the total net proceeds from the event to a charity designated by the Board of Directors.

C.        Insurance:  All motor vehicles used during any Club sponsored event, run or activity must carry current valid insurance on said vehicle.